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Suhaib Mahamoud

Suhaib Mahamoud


Suhaib Mahamoud is a Somali writer and researcher based in Doha, Qatar. He writes for Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, The New Arab's Arabic-language sister publication.

Analysis: In December 2023, the three-decade arms embargo was fully lifted from Somalia as the country vowed to eradicate Al-Shabab - but will it work?

25 January, 2024

Sudan is bordered by seven countries, many of which are mired in their own protracted conflicts and subject to vying external interests. If the international community does not act fast, Sudan's fate could spell catastrophe for the region.

30 May, 2023

Al-Qaeda's Somali offshoot Al-Shabaab has murdered scores of Somalis over the last decade. While President Mohamud's vow to eradicate the terrorist organisation has been welcomed, Suhaib Mahamoud questions whether 'arming the clans' will be enough.

31 October, 2022

A recent surprising turn of events and a promise of national dialogue has left the Ethiopian conflict at a dangerous impasse. But for a country wracked by ethnic division and political instability, the war is far from over, writes Suhaib Mahamoud.

10 January, 2022

Opinion: Somaliland's June parliamentary elections were praised yet again for their strong democratic character. Suhaib Mahamoud asks if this will advance claims to statehood and secure the international recognition sought for three decades.

13 July, 2021