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The New Arab (From the Arabic Edition)

The New Arab (From the Arabic Edition)

The New Arab (From the Arabic Edition)

After seizing power in August 2021, the Taliban banned girls' secondary schools, leaving thousands of female teachers jobless. Ex-teachers are now forced to beg to make ends meet, or send their children to collect rubbish, as their options dwindle.

19 May, 2023

Political mass rallies are always a major element of the electoral campaign trail in Turkey, and in recent weeks multiple mass gatherings have been organised across the country by the rival blocs as they seek to galvanise their support bases.

15 May, 2023

A car bombing on Wednesday in Damascus has injured five in a rare attack in the Syrian capital. Meanwhile, in the southern province of Daraa, violence attacks by unidentified gunmen are becoming more frequent in a region wracked with instability.

11 May, 2023

As violence has engulfed the Sudanese capital Khartoum alongside its neighbouring cities Khartoum Bahri and Omdurman, Sudanese expatriate workers in Qatar feel helpless as they watch from afar, even as they scramble to get their families to safety.

04 May, 2023

Joyful family reunions will happen across northeast Syria this Eid as relations who have been estranged from each other for years are able to get together as northeast Syria has been allowing Syrian refugees with European residency to enter.  

20 April, 2023

Hundreds of thousands of Muslim worshippers from across historic Palestine gathered to pray at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem for Laylat al-Qadr, the holiest night of Ramadan and of the Islamic year.

18 April, 2023

This Ramadan, Damascenes are constricted in the dishes they can prepare by the rampant inflation and price hikes which have hit the whole country. Traditional Ramadan dishes like Shakriya and Shishbarak have been ditched as the cost of meat soars.

12 April, 2023

An extremist Israeli group associated with the Temple Mount Movement called for followers to carry out animal sacrifices at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound next week.

29 March, 2023

In Iraq, the season for truffles runs from mid-January to mid-April and the country is currently experiencing a bumper crop, leading Iraqis to travel in their droves to the hills and valleys to dig for the tasty and nutritious edible fungi.

25 March, 2023

As Palestinians mark Mother's Day, Israel continues to imprison Palestinian mothers and deprive them of access to their children.

21 March, 2023