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Robert McKelvey

Robert McKelvey


Robert McKelvey is a British freelance journalist and cultural writer based in Lebanon.

In the midst of a national catastrophe, one NGO in Lebanon has provided a route out from abjection for Lebanese citizens, by promoting a community-wide programme that offers aid in exchange for recyclable materials.

07 September, 2021

Lebanon's pine nut trade is being devastated by western conifer seed bugs, a species native to the Western United States and parts of Eurasia that was most likely brought into the country in timber shipments, leaving growers in a precarious position.

11 August, 2021

Fixated by Beirut's architectural beauty, jeweller Henry Loussian set out to preserve, collect, and treasure the features from Lebanon's dilapidated heritage houses for his own home. Now, with artefacts from 100 houses, he has set up a public museum.

01 June, 2021