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Maher Mezahi

Maher Mezahi


Maher Mezahi is an Algerian football journalist based in Algiers. He has covered North African football extensively, with his work published in international publications such as the BBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph, ESPN Africa and Al Jazeera English.

With the Paris 2024 Games approaching, Maher Mezahi asks: will France try to enforce a competition-wide hijab ban under the guise of preserving secularism in sport? If it does, will the Olympics stand up for the rights of Muslim women?

19 September, 2023

Qatar's rise in the footballing arena has been partly due to its ability to foster and naturalise potential stars from the region. With immigration an increasingly common strategy for sports teams, we examine what it means for the team.

18 November, 2022

The lead up to the Mediterranean games hosted in Algeria’s second largest city of Oran, was filled with political and logistical uncertainty, yet the government pulled off a successful event that just may be the 'fresh start' Tebboune was seeking.

13 July, 2022

After Paul Pogba's removal of a Heineken bottle from a press conference went viral, a fresh spotlight shows that Muslim athletes need to be accommodated in sport. Nujum Sports proposes a ten-point charter for athlete associations to adhere to.

02 July, 2021

Not many of Manchester City's team have had as great an impact on the Premier League as Riyad Mahrez, both as a player and role model alike. With the Champions League final on the horizon, we look at the Arab superstar's life and legacy.

28 May, 2021