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Taoufik Bouachrine


Analysis: Last week's municipal and regional elections in Morocco, the first to take place since the Arab Spring, left moderate Islamists the victors, writes Taoufik Bouachrine.

09 September, 2015

Comment: The new Saudi king has brought a new generation to the leadership and faced down threats, but has stopped short of modernising the kingdom, says Taoufik Bouachrine.

07 May, 2015

Comment: The war in Yemen is the result of an overlap of Saudi-funded counter-revolutions and Iranian ambitions in a weakened Arab World. We need negotiation, not bombs, says Taoufik Bouachrine.

15 April, 2015

Comment: Since coming to power, Benkirane has focused more on public image than on modernising the system of governance.

02 April, 2015

Comment: Though the high hopes of the Moroccans who took to the streets in 2011 were not realised, the protests changed Morocco, and its politics, forever.

26 February, 2015

Thousands of disaffected young Arabs have travelled to fight for the Islamic State group, where many are killed. Do they know what they are getting into?

04 December, 2014

The Arab world has different, even conflicting impressions of the US, based on the way it manages its own politics and economy - let alone its foreign policy.

27 November, 2014

The ruling Justice and Development Party are defying expectations in Morocco and acting like political realists.

13 November, 2014