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Azhar Al-Rubaie

Azhar Al-Rubaie

Azhar Al-Rubaie is a freelance journalist based in Iraq. His writing focuses on a variety of issues, including politics, health, society, war, and human rights

Located in the heart of the Mesopotamian Marshes, the Marsh House Hotel offers an eco-friendly, sustainable and unique insight into Chibayish marsh culture.

11 April, 2024

A recent government decision to ban alcohol in Iraq has sparked controversy in the Muslim-majority country, with many arguing that the move goes against Iraq’s pluralism.

03 March, 2023

Despite the city's liberation in 2017, the battle to preserve the majesty of Mosul nonetheless remains. One Mosul resident has taken this responsibility upon himself by restoring an old historic house that now acts as a reminder of the city's glory.

31 January, 2023

The effects of climate change have drastically affected millennia-old boating traditions in southern Iraq, causing many boat builders to change their profession. Without proper governmental intervention, this worrying trend is set to worsen.

20 July, 2022

In-depth: A proposed new law by MPs to ban homosexuality has sent shockwaves through Iraq's LGBTQ+ community, who already face abductions, torture, arrests, and killings at the hands of police and armed groups. 

19 July, 2022

In-depth: Lithuania and neighbouring countries have faced a surge of mostly Iraqi migrants in recent months, amid accusations that Belarusian strongman Alexander Lukashenko is weaponising migration against the EU.

23 August, 2021

Analysis: The powerful leader's decision has left many questions unanswered, with some believing it is a bid to maintain his movement's legitimacy while others see it as a direct message to Iraq's other political parties.

22 July, 2021

Pride Month: The New Arab speaks with prominent Iraqi LGBTQ+ activists about their struggles and their hopes.

22 June, 2021

In Iraq, where weapons are stored in urban centres and unexploded bombs litter border areas, fears of a catastrophe are acute.

12 August, 2020

Soror Al-Husseini helped pull bodies from the rubble after IS was defeated in Mosul. Now she is leading the charge as Covid-19 sweeps the northern city.

30 June, 2020