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Nader Fawz


Hizballah has uncovered two spies working for the CIA within its ranks according to sources close to the party leadership.

25 September, 2015

Analysis: While the British government has pledged to take in 4,000 Syrian refugees a year, it is also encouraging refugees to stay in countries neighbouring Syria.

15 September, 2015

Analysis: Testimonies from victims show that torture is endemic in many prisons in Lebanon and exposing the deep flaws in the Lebanese justice system.

26 June, 2015

Analysis: Lebanon's political paralysis continues as the deeply divided country enters its second year without a president and attempts to keep the Syrian conflict from spilling over onto its territory.

26 May, 2015

Analysis: Once supremely confident, Hizballah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah has been humiliated by his party's involvement in the Syrian conflict.

07 May, 2015

Comment: The Lebanese have blamed various foreign forces for its myriad problems, including its civil war. Well, it's time to look in the mirror, says Nader Fawz.

14 April, 2015

Analysis: The Vatican has reportedly taken the lead in resolving an impasse between political factions in discussions over who is to be the next president of Lebanon.

08 April, 2015

Ghazaleh's position in the regime’s inner circle has reportedly become increasingly precarious, and he is said to fear for his own security.

20 March, 2015

Sources and targeted MP tell al-Araby al-Jadeed that interior and health minister and two MPs have been named as targets for assassination.

25 February, 2015

Analysis: Lebanon's Future Movement and Hizballah have agreed to disagree about everything of substance.

18 February, 2015