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There is limited data on the casualties in Sudan. The country's health minister, Haitham Mohammed Ibrahim, said in June that the conflict killed over 3,000 people, but there has been no update.

11 August, 2023

President Guillermo Lasso blamed Fernando Villavicencio's death on "organised crime" in a statement on X, formerly known as Twitter, and vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice.

10 August, 2023

"I am French, but my heart is with Morocco," Pedros said. "I will do everything for us to qualify for the quarter-finals."

08 August, 2023

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said "four Syrian soldiers including one officer, as well as two Iran-backed fighters were killed in air strikes on Tehran-supported groups' positions and warehouses for ammunition and weapons."

07 August, 2023

In a joint statement published on Thursday, the Kuwaiti and Saudi authorities said that "they alone have full sovereign rights to exploit the wealth in that area".

03 August, 2023

While lawmakers ultimately ignored those certificates, federal prosecutors say it was all part of "a corrupt plan to subvert the federal government function by stopping Biden electors' votes from being counted and certified."

02 August, 2023

Clashes broke out over the weekend between Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah movement members and Islamist armed groups based in the camp, Lebanon's largest located in the coastal city of Sidon.

01 August, 2023

"This is the most critical place for the people of Israel, which we must return to and show our rule," Ben-Gvir said in a video released by his office, with the golden Dome of the Rock in the background.

27 July, 2023

The move comes amid heightened tensions between Sweden and Iraq over a Sweden-based Iraqi refugee who burnt pages of the Quran outside Stockholm's main mosque last month.

21 July, 2023

Palestinian news agency Wafa identified the man killed by Israeli fire as 19-year-old Badr al-Masri. It reported that three others were treated for wounds.

20 July, 2023