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Ali Bakir

Ali Bakir

Ali Bakir is an Assistant Professor at Qatar University's Ibn Khaldon Center and a nonresident Senior Fellow with the Scowcroft Middle East Security Initiative at the Washington-based Atlantic Council

Analysis: Ethiopia's potential transformation into a maritime power in the Red Sea will create new regional allies, but also enemies.

22 January, 2024

Analysis: Israel's assassination could prove to be a miscalculation, but the strategic objectives of all sides are likely to prevail over retaliatory impulses.

04 January, 2024

Analysis: Fearing the loss of its regional influence, Tehran has obstructed efforts towards normalisation between Yerevan and Baku over Nagorno-Karabakh.

28 November, 2022

Analysis: While Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's visit to Turkey marked the normalisation of relations between the two countries, it also reflected caution about enhancing bilateral ties.

27 June, 2022

Analysis: The resilience of Turkish-Saudi ties will depend on personal relations between Erdogan and MBS, as well as the shifting regional dynamics that prompted diplomatic normalisation in the first place.

02 May, 2022

Analysis: With President Herzog's visit to Ankara, Turkey and Israel have marked a turning point in relations between the two regional powers, but whether their shared interests will be enough to overcome years of strained ties remains to be seen.

14 March, 2022

Analysis: Saudi Arabia's foreign policy has been largely ambivalent towards diplomatic realignments in the region. But as US influence declines, which options will Riyadh pursue?

08 December, 2021

Analysis: While political differences still run deep, economic incentives could be key to turning a new page in relations between Ankara and Abu Dhabi.

16 September, 2021

Analysis: Turkey is trying to cement a role in Afghanistan after the US withdrawal, but military and diplomatic challenges could pose a problem.

26 July, 2021

Analysis: A rare diplomatic spat erupted between Ankara and Beijing after two Turkish politicians criticised China's treatment of the Uighur Muslim minority.

22 April, 2021