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Tharwa Boulifi


Tharwa Boulifi is a 19-year old Tunisian freelancer. She writes in Arabic, French, English and Spanish about feminism, Arab and African women's rights, culture and LGBTQ+ rights. He writing has appeared in Teen Vogue, Passport Magazine, Ms Magazine and others.

The New Arab Meets: Marcelle G Afram, the Palestinian-American chef behind 'Shababi,' a pop-up catering business in Washington serving Palestinian cuisine.

14 June, 2024

Instead of dismantling the patriarchy, Western feminism’s obsession with shallow appearance has shunned women of colour, writes Tharwa Boulifi.

24 April, 2024

As Tunisia marks Independence Day, President Saied exploits Israel's war on Gaza to divert from political repression and economic crisis, writes Tharwa Boulifi.

20 March, 2024

Western media has long been accused of bias when it comes to coverage of Israel’s crimes on Gaza. Tharwa Boulifi explains that there's double standards, a devaluing of Palestinian lives & worse treatment reserved for Arab & pro-Palestine voices.

08 December, 2023

Racist comments by the Tunisian president have sparked outrage and protest across the country, but more priority needs to be given to centring Black Tunisian and migrant voices that have been historically silenced, writes Tharwa Boulifi.

15 March, 2023

Arab popular culture has long trivialised women's rejection, discomfort, and harassment in the name of humour or romance. Now, as a spate of femicides shock the region, we must question the narrative coming from our TV screens, writes Tharwa Boulifi.

20 July, 2022

In the fight for gender equality in the MENA region, not only do young Arab feminist women have to confront the misogyny from the state and society, but from male allies and other pseudo-feminists too, writes Tharwa Boulifi.

09 March, 2022

Comment: Tunisians' biggest fear remains the return to a dictatorial regime that crippled their country. Recent events suggest they have good reason to worry, writes Tharwa Boulifi.

04 February, 2021