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Marwan Kabalan


Marwan Kabalan is a Syrian academic and writer. He holds a PhD degree in International Relations. He is the Director of Policy Analysis at the Arab Centre for Research and Policy Studies.

Attacks against the Arab Centre for Research and Policy are not new. What is new however, is the siding of Western institutions with anti-democratic forces writes Marwan Kabalan.

13 June, 2018

Comment: Putin's adventure in Syria will end up costing Russia more trouble than it's worth, argues Marwan Qabalan.

07 October, 2015

Comment: US foreign policy has shifted from direct intervention to a balancing of power in the world's trouble spots, argues Marwan Kabalan.

13 May, 2015

Comment: The US needs to start implementing ideas that support regional stability, argues Marwan Kabalan.

05 May, 2015

Comment: Increased Saudi resolve to confront Iran around the region lies behind the kingdom’s recent move against the Houthis in Yemen.

30 March, 2015

Comment: Since the Arab Spring, regional powers, especially Saudi Arabia, have been struggling to stay abreast of events and contain possible threats to their interests.

06 March, 2015

Comment: Claims of a new age of Iranian hegemony are false - Tehran faces more challenges today than it has had for many years, says Marwan Kabalan.

09 February, 2015