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Ernest Khoury


Managing editor of Al-Araby al-Jadeed, The New Arab's Arabic-language sister publication

Opinion: Sunday night's coup in which Tunisian President Kais Saied dissolved parliament and fired the prime minister should have been anticipated in light of Saied's frequent and public criticisms of the political system, writes Ernest Khoury.

26 July, 2021

Despite denying secret relations with Israel for decades, the UAE has now officially normalised ties but the timing benefits US President Donald Trump the most, argues Ernest Khoury

15 August, 2020

Analysis: The Nusra Front's "moderate" wing appear to have shifted the militants to a more conciliatory role in the Syrian conflict, reports Enest Khoury.

29 May, 2015

Comment: Many things have changed since the 2006 war between Hizballah and Israel. Despite recent tit-for-tat attacks, an all-out war is in neither side's interests.

28 January, 2015