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Ibrahim Alsahary


Ibrahim Alsahary is an economist and former executive chief editor of Egypt Independent.

Comment: Egypt is spending billions of dollars on arms when its economy is at the brink of a crisis. The farcical financial policies hide a grim reality, writes Ibrahim AlSahary.

29 March, 2016

Comment: Ibrahim AlSahary

15 March, 2016

Comment: Talking up the economy has not been enough to save the livelihoods of millions of Egyptians, notes Ibrahim AlSahary.

09 March, 2016

Comment: Plans for the Dabaa nuclear plant were launched with great aplomb. Now a media gag and a precarious economic situation raise doubts about the plant ever being built.

29 February, 2016

Comment: He already won big from Cairo's sell-off of the telecoms industry, now billionaire oligarch Naguib Sawiris stands to profit hugely in the sale of state-owned banks, writes Ibrahim AlSahary.

08 February, 2016

Egypt's economy remains frail. Concerns about the accuracy of data that the government is releasing, lead some to believe that a recession is just round the corner.

24 January, 2016