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Nadine Talaat


Nadine is the Deputy Analysis and Opinion Editor and Investigations Researcher at The New Arab. Before joining the team, she worked in research and data analysis as well as human rights. Nadine is a graduate in politics, human rights and Middle Eastern Studies and holds an MSc in Media and Communications. At The New Arab, Nadine also writes for the Analysis desk and works on the investigations team. 


Areas of focus: migration and borders, human rights, social justice, the War on Terror, women’s rights, media representations


Follow her on Twitter: @nadine_talaat

In-depth: As Algeria intensifies its crackdown on press and civil society, El Kadi, the head of the country's last free media, has become one of the regime's main targets.

14 March, 2023

Nearly a year after wild elephants were captured and sent to the UAE to simulate a safari experience, little is known about their location or wellbeing, elevating concerns around an already-controversial wildlife export.

27 February, 2023

In-depth: Following weeks of nationwide protests across Iran against the hardline government, The New Arab spoke with Negar Mortazavi about the feminist uprising, international solidarity, and what comes next.

27 October, 2022

In-depth: Hoping to build a new life, more and more Egyptians are making the dangerous journey across the sea. But Europe's increasingly hostile measures to deter them echo a familiar pattern, and promise to make the journey even more dangerous.

05 October, 2022

In March 2022, a group of wild Namibian elephants landed in the UAE. The New Arab's investigation reveals that the sale serves only to simulate an African safari experience in Emirati zoos with no benefit for the animals and Namibian locals.

26 September, 2022

In-depth: After being returned to Lebanon without being allowed to apply for asylum, two Syrian refugees are taking the Cyprus government to court over its pushback policy, and hope their case will help end the deadly practice.

01 August, 2022

In-depth: The deadly incident at the Spain-Morocco border highlights the violence of Europe’s border regime, the consequences of externalising security operations, and the racism intrinsic to the EU's migration policy.

04 July, 2022

In-depth: This month, a Greek court sentenced three asylum seekers to more than four hundred years in prison. Many more face similar charges under an increasingly harsh legal system criminalising migrants and refugees.

27 May, 2022

In-depth: Women are on the frontlines of Sudan’s popular uprisings demanding civilian rule, but security forces have been using sexual violence as a weapon to deter women’s political participation and defeat the resistance.

30 March, 2022

In-depth: As the media increasingly becomes the arena of global struggles, denouncing the racist double standards in coverage of Ukraine is critical to understanding how the media constructs reality in order to learn from past mistakes.

10 March, 2022