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Yousef Alhelou


Yousef Alhelou is a Palestinian journalist and political analyst from Gaza, based in London. He is a United Nations fellow and alumni, and served as a Reuters journalist fellow at the University of Oxford.

The UN released a list of companies complicit in violating Palestinian human rights, in the first-ever international attempt to name and shame businesses connected to Israel's illegal settlement industry.

17 February, 2020

Details of the controversial 'Deal of the Century' plan will be revealed in a historic event at the White House, but it's obvious that the deal is in Israel's favour.

28 January, 2020

The UK-Africa Investment Summit was organised by the British Government to explore the investment opportunities in the continent as it prepares to leave the EU.

23 January, 2020

Egypt and Jordan began to receive shipments of natural gas from Israel this month, upsetting Palestinians who continue to be denied their right to drill and extract gas from Gaza.

17 January, 2020

Palestinian political factions on all sides welcomed Abbas's call for the overdue elections but ensuring they go ahead is another matter, writes Yousef Alhelou.

21 November, 2019

A video went viral last week showing a Palestinian as he was shot in the back by Israeli police officers, while they laughed. Karam al-Qawasmi spoke to The New Arab

11 November, 2019

There is no denying that despair and frustration is high among Palestinians living under decades of Israeli occupation, but many still have hope as they continue their fight decades on.

31 October, 2019

Digital media platforms are serving Israeli propaganda while turning a blind eye to the sacrifices and endless suffering of Palestinians who strive to be a free nation, writes Yousef Alhelou.

04 October, 2019

Just weeks before the general elections, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reaffirmed his controversial pledge to impose Israeli sovereignty on West Bank settlements.

12 September, 2019

Comment: Politicians in Israel are using Gaza as a scapegoat to win the upcoming September 17 elections, but Palestinians are not helpless, writes Yousef Alhelou.

20 August, 2019