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Dr. Radwan Ziadeh


Dr. Radwan Ziadeh is a Senior Middle East Analyst at the Arab Center Washington DC. Twitter handle: @radwanziadeh

Comment: Tunisia's Truth and Dignity Commission has started its first ever public hearings, setting the example of transitional justice to other Arab nations, writes Radwan Ziadeh

29 November, 2016

Comment: Closer US ties with Russia would be disastrous for the Syrian people, who are suffering severe bombardment from the Assad regime and Russian fighter jets, writes Dr. Radwan Ziadeh.

16 November, 2016

Comment: Both candidates are critical of the White House's current policy in Syria, but how would a Trump or Clinton presidency change the status quo? asks Dr. Radwan Ziadeh

18 October, 2016

Comment: Dr Radwan Ziadeh takes a look back at the timeline of events since 2011 in northern Syria, that shaped the alliances and battles taking place today.

07 September, 2016

Comment: International efforts led by the UN to end Syria's civil war and provide a new government have failed, writes Radwan Ziadeh.

03 August, 2016

Comment: Syrians have become victims of US inaction in the war, which has left them at the mercy of Assad's barrel bombs and ruthless IS militants, says Dr. Radwan Ziadeh

29 June, 2016