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Judit Neurink


Judit Neurink is a journalist, author and Middle East specialist who lived and worked in the Kurdistan region of Iraq from 2008-2018. She has written extensively for Dutch, Belgian and international press, and has authored several books.

Comment: To begin healing in Iraq and Syria, we must find new strategies of acceptance that fight dehumanisation and radicalisation, writes Judit Neurink.

09 April, 2021

Comment: The trial of five Kurdish activists and journalists for 'spying' has left Kurds furious with their leaders. As hardship increases, they recoil against growing authoritarianism, writes Judit Neurink.

26 February, 2021

Comment: The brutal crackdown on anti-government protests is a dangerous way to react to the desperation of young, jobless people who have lost all trust in politics, writes Judit Neurink.

17 December, 2020

Comment: The Kurdistan region of Iraq has hit rock bottom. What was once a promising 'other Iraq' is now a politically and financially bankrupt disappointment, writes Judit Neurink.

29 May, 2020

Comment: The death of Islamic State leader al-Baghdadi has not removed the urgent need to resettle the children of Islamic State fighters, writes Judit Neurink.

30 December, 2019

Comment: If Iraq's party system based on religion, ethnicity and endemic clientelism is not addressed, protests will recur and frustration will reach dangerous levels, writes Judit Neurink.

07 October, 2019