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Stasa Salacanin


Stasa Salacanin is a freelance journalist who writes for several newspapers across the Middle East, including BQ Doha and Qatar Today. He has written extensively on Middle Eastern affairs, trade and political relations, Syria and Yemen, terrorism and defence.

Analysis: The US announced the formation of a naval coalition last month to protect commercial shipping in the Red Sea, but only one Arab country joined.

16 January, 2024

Analysis: Hamas' surprise attack raised numerous questions about how Israel's intelligence and security apparatus failed to anticipate the large-scale operation. It will also have huge ramifications for future Israeli policies.

24 October, 2023

Analysis: The maritime objectives of Saudi Arabia and the UAE have played a key role in determining the war's direction, with control over Yemen's ports a major driver of the military and diplomatic strategies of all sides involved in the conflict.

19 July, 2023

Analysis: Israel, and the US, have been eager to create a regional military alliance with Gulf states to counter Iran, but the project poses multiple risks and few benefits for Gulf leaders.

05 January, 2023

Analysis: The ongoing protests have seriously challenged the Islamic Republic's ruling class, causing visible fractures among political elites. Yet it is still unclear how deep these cleavages are and how they may affect the survival of the regime.

21 November, 2022

Analysis: Weapons sales have been one of the key pillars of building Russia's political influence in the Middle East, but the war in Ukraine may affect Moscow's ability to continue supplying arms to the region.

31 October, 2022

Analysis: Pristina is pushing ahead with obliging ethnic Serbs to use government-issued car licence plates, leading to fears of a new wave of ethnic tensions as an October deadline nears.

20 September, 2022

Analysis: As Nancy Pelosi's controversial Taiwan visit inflamed tensions between the US and China, Arab states unilaterally sided with Beijing, reflecting its growing influence in the region, particularly in the Gulf.

17 August, 2022

Analysis: Iran has been a leading drone producer for decades despite international sanctions, with Russia needing to replace lost stockpiles during the invasion of Ukraine.

02 August, 2022

Analysis: Preoccupied with domestic economic concerns, Biden seeks to elevate Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf states as key partners, but he is travelling to the region with an extraordinarily weak hand.

12 July, 2022