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Alex Kassidiaris

Alex Kassidiaris

Alex Kassidiaris is an International Security Advisor based in London. He holds a master’s degree from the War Studies Department of King's College London and his research interests include security and politics in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East.

Analysis: While rooted in historical disputes, current geopolitical realities and domestic concerns risk inflaming a conflict between Greece and Turkey.

27 June, 2022

In-depth: Putin has instrumentalised religion as a soft power tool to achieve political goals, but the invasion of Ukraine could undermine Moscow's narrative as a protector of the Orthodox faith.

22 March, 2022

Analysis: The Ukraine crisis once again highlights the fragility of Europe's energy security landscape, but what realistic alternatives are there to Russian gas?

08 February, 2022

Analysis: Sudden and large-scale protests in Kazakhstan have led many to draw comparisons with the Arab Spring revolutions. But autocrats have shored-up power since then, and Russia and China have vested interests in the status quo.

10 January, 2022

Analysis: The multibillion defence deal could decisively alter the long-term regional security context in the Eastern Mediterranean, with significant implications for the wider region, the EU, and transatlantic relations.

12 October, 2021

Analysis: Hezbollah's shadow financial system, developed in response to long-lasting sanctions, has placed the group in a favourable position amid Lebanon's economic crisis.

02 August, 2021

Analysis: Turkey is seeking to play a pivotal role in Afghanistan after the US withdrawal in order to bolster ties with Washington and strengthen its regional influence.

05 July, 2021

Analysis: Despite the rhetoric, complex economic and political relations between Turkey and prominent EU member states mean that substantial sanctions on Ankara will always be off the table.

19 April, 2021

Analysis: Israel had long rejected ties with Kosovo, but amid shifting diplomatic alliances mutual recognition could extend Tel Aviv's geopolitical reach.

23 February, 2021

Analysis: With friction growing between Ankara and Athens, the longstanding alliance between Pakistan and Turkey has prompted Greece and India to consider the mutual benefits of a strategic partnership.

04 February, 2021