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Samuel Ramani

Samuel Ramani

Samuel Ramani is a doctoral candidate in International Relations at the University of Oxford. His research focuses on Russian foreign policy towards the Middle East

Follow him on Twitter: @SamRamani2

Analysis: While the Kerman attack was unprecedented in scope by historical standards, it reflects the years-long expansion of the Islamic State threat to Iran.

17 January, 2024

Analysis: Despite lofty ambitions, it is unclear whether China can convert positive relations with all parties into a meaningful diplomatic role.

12 December, 2023

Analysis: Netanyahu's determination to vanquish Hamas, secure the release of hostages, and save his tarnished political legacy belies the real possibility that Israel is fighting an impossible war in Gaza.

23 November, 2023

Analysis: Syria has already witnessed surging violence this year, but Israel's war on Gaza is threatening to bring further instability to the country.

07 November, 2023

Analysis: While Iran's bellicose rhetoric has sparked fears of a regional proxy war with Israel, Tehran's actions have been much more restrained.

30 October, 2023

Analysis: The scale of Hamas' attack caught the world by surprise, a culmination of the group's meticulous preparations and lost faith in advancing its goals through political means. But the gambit has plunged its survival into question.

12 October, 2023

Analysis: Azerbaijan's swift triumph over Artsakh is a major victory for Turkey's ambitions in the South Caucasus but poses strategic challenges for Russia and Iran, and moral dilemmas for Western powers.

28 September, 2023

Analysis: Despite decades of Western and UN sanctions, North Korea maintains a considerable network of security partners in the Middle East and Africa.

21 September, 2023

Analysis: The death of the private military group's leader may leave Putin more secure, but in the Middle East and Africa, it leaves Russia's political influence and reputation in a state of uncertainty.

01 September, 2023

Analysis: Despite Yevgeny Prigozhin's failed mutiny against the Russian military leadership, the Wagner Group remains indispensable to Moscow's African strategy.

08 August, 2023