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Hind Berji


Moroccan artist Lalla Essaydi's Image and Text, exhibited at The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum in Miami, is a meticulous inversion of the fetishised Arab woman. Her photographs allow for a natural, personable re-imagination of the female space.

20 May, 2022

Noticing a lack of Muslim figures and representation in the South African visual arts circuit, curator Sara Bint Moneer Khan launched the Mashūrah exhibition as an opportunity for solidarity and to showcase Muslim artists and voices in the country.

01 October, 2021

The addition of the Chinese language to Saudi curriculums reveals a carefully planned strategic partnership that points beyond linguistic improvement and cross-culturalism.

29 January, 2020

The bill, passed in early December, will see that Chinese officials involved in Uighur detention are held "accountable for gross human rights violations."

12 December, 2019

China is sparing no effort in its attempt to erase any proof of its Uighur Muslim population.

20 November, 2019