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Gehad Quisay


Gehad Quisay is a history and politics researcher, having graduated from SOAS and Georgetown University. She has also worked as a researcher at a London based think-tank focusing on post-Arab Spring nation building.

Book review: 'Sectarianization: Mapping the New Politics of the Middle East' is a refreshing challenge to the popular essentialist view of sect or religion as the main source of conflict.

01 June, 2017

Explore with our interactive timeline: We take a look back on the Hamas charter to see how much has really changed.

08 May, 2017

Bernie Sanders was once hailed the anti-establishment candidate on the left. Widely supported by Muslim Americans, Sanders now slams BDS and stands firmly with Washington establishment in support of Israel.

05 May, 2017

In the latest of regime attacks on al-Azhar, MP Mohamed Abu Hamed proposes a law to limit the powers of the Grand Imam by delegating essential roles to the president.

28 April, 2017

Hana Mansour-Khatib's appointment as Israel's first hijabi judge may sound like a civil rights triumph, but it is not, writes Gehad Quisay.

26 April, 2017

In-depth: Egypt's education chiefs want to convert vocational high schools to military academies, making education the latest sector of Egyptian life to be dominated by the army, reports Gehad Quisay.

20 April, 2017

The latest attacks on Egyptian Copts was shocking, but hardly new. Copts face discrimination daily from their fellow countrymen and from the regime that granted them equality in the constitution.

19 April, 2017

Blog: A viral hashtag has reopened discussion about Egypt's sexual harassment epidemic - but why is it happening and how did it start?

05 April, 2017

Sudanese social media takes on Egyptian talk shows over the pyramids of Marowe, but is there more to the animosity?

01 April, 2017

Blog: Reports that the Westminster attacker converted to Islam in prison reopens the question on radicalisation in British prisons.

30 March, 2017