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Paul Iddon


Paul Iddon is a freelance journalist based in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan who writes about Middle East affairs

Analysis: Ukraine's deployment to Sudan aims to show that it can fight Russia abroad whilst also indicating that Kyiv wants to create new allies in Africa.

26 February, 2024

Analysis: The war in Gaza and Israel's vow to seize the Philadelphi Corridor could see the remilitarisation of Sinai, threatening the 1979 peace treaty.

06 February, 2024

Analysis: Iran's attack was a show of military strength following Israeli and US strikes on its regional interests, but also a message to Iraqi Kurdish leaders.

17 January, 2024

Analysis: The killing of Saleh al-Arouri could foreshadow an Israeli assassination campaign against Hamas leaders across the region, and possibly beyond.

04 January, 2024

Analysis: Recent statements by Israeli officials have raised the spectre of war again, but is an all-out conflict with Hezbollah inevitable?

18 December, 2023

In-depth: Several bloody wars were fought between Egypt and Israel over the strategic peninsula, with Israel briefly building settlements there during its 15-year occupation.

16 November, 2023

In-depth: Netanyahu's strategy of thwarting a Palestinian state, deepening Israel's occupation, and embracing the far-right has been a disaster, with a divided Israeli society no longer willing to entertain his political survival.

01 November, 2023

Analysis: There are fears that Iran will expand its nuclear programme and abandon its self-imposed limits on the range of ballistic missiles if European countries maintain sanctions set to expire in October.

19 July, 2023

Analysis: Touring Azerbaijan and Cyprus, both countries with ongoing territorial disputes, may hint at Erdogan's foreign policy objectives as he enters his new five-year term as Turkey's leader.

21 June, 2023

Analysis: The Biden administration is set to unveil a new interagency strategy to combat the Syrian regime's multi-billion-dollar drug trade.

08 June, 2023