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Scott Preston


Scott Preston is a multimedia journalist based in Beirut, Lebanon, covering refugees and political topics in the Middle East.

The European Union has said it does not support Beirut's incineration solutions to its growing garbage crisis, due in part to alleged corruption of Lebanese officials, writes Scott Preston.

09 August, 2019

Renowned Iranian human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh goes on hunger strike in solidarity with detained Farhad Meysami, as she advocates for his release.

03 September, 2018

Comment: Several monarchies in the region are embarking on national transformation agendas that could prove to be opportune conduits for the spread of Nudge Theory, writes Scott Preston.

26 June, 2017

With Taiz wracked by conflict animals in the city's zoo, including rare species of lion, leopard, and tiger, face starvation. Campaigners, seeking to raise awareness, are increasingly desperate

04 March, 2017

With Donald Trump taking office in just over a week's time, Syrian refugees due to be resettled in the US fear they will be locked out by the president-elect.

09 January, 2017