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Ella Linskens

Ella Linskens

Ella Linskens is a bilingual journalist based in Birmingham.

The New Arab Meets: Arab American Institute Executive Director Maya Berry to discuss her community's role in the upcoming US election.

02 November, 2020

As eager congregants return to their local mosques across England for the first time in months they can expect some major changes.

03 July, 2020

All Muslims will have a taste of a convert's Ramadan this year, as coronavirus lockdowns around the world prevent the faithful from gathering.

23 April, 2020

With mosques shuttered due to the coronavirus epidemic, the 'Mini Mosque' campaign encourages families to create the spirit of Ramadan in their own homes.

22 April, 2020

Egypt's imposition of a mandatory "self-isolation" in the North Sinai governorate may allow it to steer clear of a coronavirus outbreak.

09 April, 2020