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Habibulah Mohamed Lamin


Habibulah Mohamed Lamin is an independent journalist based in the Sahrawi refugee camps, Southwestern Algeria. He regularly contributes to Al-monitor, as well as ThinkProgress and RefugeesDeeply.

Slashing funding to UN missions was a favourite topic of the Trump campaign, but it will have real consequences, writes Habibulah Lamin.

15 March, 2018

The EU finds itself obliged to either include Western Sahara in renewing the agreement, a breach of its own law, or cancel the trade accord with Morocco.

15 March, 2018

Abdelkader Taleb Omar has been forced out, and Mohamed Alwali Akaik, a close ally of the president, has been sworn in, as alliances and rivalries anticipate the Front's forthcoming Congress.

05 February, 2018

Chances of a swift resolution go up in smoke as Algeria's accusations against Morocco threaten to deepen the rift between the two countries.

29 January, 2018

Morocco's control of the Western Sahara enables Rabat to maintain strong links with the European Union.

29 January, 2018

Mauritania is turning to Algeria in a bid to enhance its economic ties with the oil-rich country after years of tension with Morocco, writes Habibulah Mohamed Lamin.

11 October, 2017

Blog: Iraqi Kurdistan and Catalonia both held popular independence referendums in recent weeks, but the implications of each remain very different, writes Habibulah Mohamed Lamin.

11 October, 2017

Blog: With few opportunities at home, Sahrawi youth are finding themselves lured by the dream of escaping to Europe, writes Habibulah Mohamed Lamin.

06 October, 2017

With plans for three Moroccan mega-projects, there are high hopes that the Real Madrid superstar's investments will boost tourism and the economy, writes Mohamed Lamin.

03 May, 2017

Blog: Mohamed Ouled Abdel Aziz will launch a popular referendum to get rid of parliament's second chamber.

18 April, 2017