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Nahrain Al-Mousawi

Nahrain Al-Mousawi

Nahrain Al-Mousawi is a writer currently based in Morocco

Film Review: Premiered in the 2021 Berlin Film Festival, Samaher Al Qadi's latest feature, a biographical documentary, explores the series of sexual assaults that occurred throughout Egypt's 2013 uprisings.

09 April, 2021

Book Club: Silence Is a Sense is a poignant and profound story of a Syrian refugee left so traumatised by war and migration that she no longer speaks.

02 April, 2021

Film Review: Brother's Keeper follows the story of two friends at a secluded boarding school for Kurdish boys, who are struggling through the school's repressive and bureaucratic obstacles.

26 March, 2021

Book Club: Except for Palestine unpacks the exceptional nature of policies toward Palestine in the US.

11 February, 2021

Book Club: Nazik al-Mala'ika was one of the most important Arab poets of the twentieth century. Revolt Against the Sun presents her key works in English for the first time.

29 December, 2020