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Yvo Fitzherbert


Yvo Fitzherbert is a freelance journalist based in Turkey. He has written on Kurdish politics, the Syrian war and the refugee crisis for a variety of Turkish and English publications. Twitter handle: @yvofitz.

Comment: So far, Erdogan has managed to blame US Ambassador Bass for the crisis in diplomatic relations, but how much more can Trump and Erdogan's 'friendship' survive? asks Yvo Fitzherbert.

16 October, 2017

Comment: Eradicating Islamic State is apparently one of Trump's priorities, but if this means cooperation with the Syrian Kurds, relations with Turkey may suffer as a result, writes Yvo Fitzherbert.

08 February, 2017

Comment: Turkey's attempts to flush elected Kurds out of state institutions may have caused irreparable damage to the pro-Kuridsh HDP's projects for an inclusive Turkish state, writes Yvo Fitzherbert

20 September, 2016

Comment: Until public perception of terrorism in Turkey shifts away from Kurdish militants and towards IS, Erdogan will not budge from wilfully ignoring the threat of IS, writes Yvo Fitzherbert

01 July, 2016

Comment: As the Turkish government cracks down on voices critical of President Erdogan, the pro-Kurdish publication Ozgur Gundem runs a campaign showing its support for those arrested, writes Yvo Fitzherbert

24 June, 2016

Comment: Damascus is stoking the fires of ethnic hatred to keep Kurdish fighters from turning their weapons on Assad's troops, writes Yvo Fitzherbert.

27 April, 2016

Comment: The dehumanising deal amounts to little more than horse trading, writes Yvo Fitzherbert, and the real losers will be those most vulnerable.

10 March, 2016

Comment: Seizing the corpses of civilians killed during curfews in south-east Turkey allows Ankara to tell the world they were 'terrorists', writes Yvo Fitzherbert.

19 January, 2016

Comment: The murder of the famed Kurdish human rights lawyer stems from Ankara's unwillingness to protect all of its citizens, writes Yvo Fitzerbert.

01 December, 2015

Comment: Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani has claimed the newly liberated Sinjar for an expanded Kurdistan, without regard for the fear and distrust felt by many Yazidi residents, writes Yvo Fitzherbert.

18 November, 2015