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Badr al-Ibrahim


Badr al-Ibrahim is a Saudi writer and analyst.

Comment: The West must bear the brunt of the responsibility for the recent terrorist attacks in Paris because of its part in the creation of jihadism, says Badr al-Ibrahim.

17 November, 2015

Comment: Islamic State group aims to instigate civil strife in Saudi Arabia, but the state can hit back by addressing the issues the group seeks to exploit, says Badr al-Ibrahim

11 August, 2015

Comment: Al-Qaeda's old guard unsuccessfully tried to rein in its more radical young adherents, but now war in Iraq and Syria has taken an overtly sectarian appearance, says Badr al-Ibrahim.

02 June, 2015

Comment: Many in Saudi Arabia are unable to describe the attack on a Shia mosque as an act of mass murder, says Badr al-Ibrahim.

26 May, 2015

Comment: Arab nationalists need to support nation states to prevent the Arab people fragmenting as the region slides towards disintegration, says Badr al-Ibrahim.

19 May, 2015

Comment: The Palestinians did not leave their land voluntarily in 1948 as argued by Israel and some Arab states - they left because they were ethnically cleansed, says Badr al-Ibrahim.

11 May, 2015

Comment: Globalisation has led to division rather than union in the world, argues Regis Debray, and in the Middle East, sect and religion again denote identities.

31 March, 2015

Comment: American Sniper is a propaganda movie that misleads and rewrites history

10 March, 2015

Comment: The Lebanese group's recent attacks on Israeli forces highlight its expansion from South Lebanon to Golan, and that it will not remain silent in the face of aggression.

02 February, 2015

Comment: The democratic experiment of the Arab Spring is coming to an end, partly due to a lack of US interest in supporting people's hopes and ambitions, says Badr al-Ibrahim.

27 January, 2015