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Adama Munu


Adama Munu is an award-winning journalist that writes about race, Black heritage and issues connecting Islam and the African diaspora.

2024 marks the 220th anniversary of the Haitian Revolution. The New Arab examines how Muslims were involved, and how Islam may have influenced Haitian cultures.

26 January, 2024

Before Afrobeats, there was fuji. Nigeria's musical imprint is known worldwide, but less is known about the Yoruba Muslims' contribution to this success. Fuji music is at the forefront of this sound, with its origins in prayer, devotion, and rhythm.

17 August, 2023

For Muslims, the holy month of Ramadan is a time to appreciate the wealth of gifts bestowed by God. As part of this journey of discovery, Adama Munu travelled to Kenya to experience safari and grow as a person of faith whilst fasting.

28 March, 2023

For the past 70 years, the United Kingdom has been a pole bearer for global musical creativity and artistic syncretism. Inspired by and derived from the music of the Mandé people of West Africa, the Balimaya Project is forging new jazz-filled ground.

15 December, 2022

Archiving the past helps ensure the knowledge and practices of generations gone by are not forgotten. A Minnesotan museum has contributed to the preservation of East African history by tracking down rare Islamic and Christian manuscripts.

07 September, 2022

A new campaign seeks to address inclusivity and anti-Black Muslim prejudice at some of the UK's most prestigious universities.

12 October, 2021

Aid workers helping people like Gassama also view Macron's gesture as a PR stunt that does not address tens of thousands more like him, writes Adama Manu.

06 June, 2018

Blog: The long-time activist and former wife of Nelson Mandela was not just an anti-apartheid activist in South Africa, but also a prominent voice calling for justice for Palestine.

09 April, 2018