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Yousif Nur


Yousif Nur is a freelance journalist, with a particular focus on music and culture in the Arab World. His journalism work has been featured in The Guardian, Telegraph, Dazed & Confused, Middle East Eye, Vice amongst many others.

The New Arab Meets: Saharan desert blues band Tamikrest, whose fifth album Tamotaït offers songs of freedom and resistance from the painful longing of exile.

15 April, 2020

The New Arab meets: Singer-songwriter Kamilya Jubran, whose work has been deeply intertwined with the evolution of the Palestinian cultural scene and a trailblazing force in experimental music.

29 March, 2020

Vulnerability, tenderness, poignancy, scandal and tragedy: A play that has it all, documenting renowned Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum's legendary life, reviews Yousif Nur.

03 March, 2020

Atlas Electronic is one of Morocco's leading electronic music festivals, held close to the city of Marrakech.

17 September, 2019

Culture: Regarded as one of Morocco's most well attended events, the Gnaoua Festival brings different music genres from around the world together to be enjoyed by all ages and groups.

28 June, 2019

From dabke to debates, the two-day family-friendly event drew in thousands of people showing solidarity with Palestine and Palestinians, writes Yousif Nur.

18 December, 2018

This year's line-up was more inclusive with representation from countries as far west as Canada, to as far east as South Korea.

18 December, 2018

The New Arab Meets: Moroccan band N3rdistan whose fusion of electronic, rap and Arabic poetry are making waves from North Africa to Europe.

12 October, 2018