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Michael Brenner


Michael Brenner is Professor of International Affairs, Emeritus at the University of Pittsburgh and a Fellow of the Center for Transatlantic Relations SAIS/Johns Hopkins in Washington. Previous academic appointments were at Cornell, Stanford, Harvard, MIT and the Brookings Institution.

Comment: Once seen as an exceptional world power, the United States under Donald Trump's haphazard presidency will lose the international respect it commanded, writes Michael Brenner.

14 November, 2016

Comment: Failure to engage Beijing on global matters of geopolitical significance will leave the United States struggling to shape the future world system, writes Michael Brenner.

03 October, 2016

Comment: When the Obama administration leaves office, little fundamental will change - although a pivot away from a confrontational foreign policy is needed, writes Michael Brenner.

23 August, 2016

Comment: Professor Michael Brenner explores the foreign policy implications of a potential Clinton presidency, and asks how her track record of hardline tendencies might play out.

05 August, 2016

Comment: Michael Brenner asks why the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia demands obeisance from the United States despite Riyadh's high degree of dependence on the American superpower.

30 July, 2016

Comment: Michael Brenner examines the ingredients behind Tunisia's successful democratic institutions, the lessons other countries might learn, and the reason for such proportionally high numbers of Tunisian IS recruits

01 July, 2016

Obama’s decision to launch a major new project in Iraq to be augmented by up to 1,000 more American troops reveals how IS/Iraq/Syria his administration is oriented.

14 June, 2015