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Farouq al-Kamali


Feature: Despite the fierce war devastating Yemen, activists have not lost faith in the power of coffee beans, one of Yemen’s oldest exports, symbolising its past and, hopefully, its future.

17 December, 2015

The Yemeni capital is preparing for a potentially decisive battle in the coming days as Houthi rebels bolster defences while Saudi-led coalition urges fighters to defect.

25 August, 2015

Shops and manufacturers report 50 percent rise in consumption since war began in March, despite prices doubling due to profiteering.

09 June, 2015

Analysis: Former president promises $1m to help countrymen stranded abroad. Activists say that is a tiny fraction of the billions he allegedly stole while in office.

11 May, 2015

A source at the Central Bank of Yemen tells al-Araby that that Houthi gunmen took millions of US dollars from the bank to aid the 'war effort'.

29 April, 2015

Analysis: Aid agencies and investment projects aimed at tackling rampant poverty in Yemen are exiting the country as the security situation deteriorates.

18 March, 2015

Feature: Yemen’s world famous coffee is losing ground to Qat, a quicker, easier and cheaper crop to grow, with guaranteed profits.

15 March, 2015

Analysis: The agreement covers a range of areas and was announced in the name of the Yemeni Republic by a Houthi spokesperson.

12 March, 2015

Charity workers turn bus into "mobile school" in the Yemeni capital to give hope of a proper education to thousands of street children with no access to learning.

27 February, 2015

Feature: Following an almost complete disruption of piracy activities from Somalia, the instability in Yemen is sparking fears that the country could become a new home for the sea-faring bandits.

16 February, 2015