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Pam Bailey


Pam Bailey is international secretary for the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor and founder/director of, a storytelling project for refugee youth.

Comment: Similar to the US in Pakistan, Israeli special forces have reportedly been found posing as aid workers, destroying public trust, writes Pam Bailey.

23 December, 2018

Comment: It's time to start planning for refugees' needs upfront, rather than stall and deny later, writes Pam Bailey.

29 December, 2016

Comment: Jordan and Egypt have joined Israel in placing strict restrictions on the free movement of Palestinians in Gaza, making conditions even more prison-like than before, writes Pam Bailey

25 July, 2016

Comment: The world accepts Palestinians as 'permanent refugees' after seven decades of displacement, and it won't be long before Syrians are thought of in the same way, writes Pam Bailey.

09 November, 2015

Comment: Whatever language is used, the political motivations for violence and the desire for justice must be examined, writes Pam Bailey

23 October, 2015

Comment: While refugees fleeing war are rightfully being given attention and support, it should be no crime to migrate to escape economic violence, writes Pam Bailey.

08 October, 2015

Comment: World Refugee Day will rightly focus on hotspots such as Syria, the Mediterranean and Burma. But we must not forget the case of Palestine, says Pam Bailey

19 June, 2015

Comment: The year since the end of Israel's Operation Protective Edge has seen a litany of broken promises from the international community to rebuild Gaza, says Pam Bailey.

28 May, 2015

Comment: Attempts to fight illegal immigration will fail and only result in more deaths. A more humane immigration policy would also make good economic sense, says Pam Bailey.

19 May, 2015

Analysis: Palestinian refugees forced to flee camps in Syria face discrimination and desperate living conditions in Lebanon, explains Pam Bailey.

14 May, 2015