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Nasri Hajjaj


Syria has morphed into a nightmarish livening hell in which everyone is contributing to the depraved horrors being unleashed, writes Nasri Hajjaj.

08 November, 2015

Comment: Yasser Arafat's black and white headdress is the symbol of Palestinians' national aspirations par excellence, says Nasri Hajjaj.

11 May, 2015

Blog: A national hero of Vietnam, and tireless opponent of oppression, General Giap's legacy continues to inspire Arab and Palestinian revolutionaries, says Nasri Hajjaj.

25 April, 2015

Blog: Nasri Hajjaj, a Palestinian refugee, survived two civil wars in Lebanon, but still bears the deep scars of the horrors he had to face and live through.

18 April, 2015

Comment: Yarmouk in Syria was once a symbol of the Palestinian national project. But like that project, the camp has been turned to dust, says Nasri Hajjaj.

14 April, 2015

Comment: Shot in Jenin refugee camp in 2011, the director of the Freedom Theatre was the victim of a corrupt and defeated society.

03 April, 2015

Feature: The actor's portrayal of Palestinian resistance fighters provided inspiration to a nascent movement struggling for justice.

23 February, 2015