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James J. Zogby

J. Zogby

James J. Zogby is the president of the Arab American Institute.

Comment: 'Cancel culture' is nothing new. It's been around for decades, with Arab Americans and Palestinian human rights ​supporters as the main victims, writes James Zogby.

12 December, 2020

Comment: The crimes Netayahu has been indicted for pale in significance when compared to what he has done to the Palestinian people, writes James J. Zogby.

03 December, 2019

Comment: An international strategy must be developed to confront Israel and the backing it receives from the United States, writes James J. Zogby.

20 May, 2019

Comment: There is a poisonous political climate in Washington and the anti-BDS hysteria has become a part of it, writes James J. Zogby.

16 April, 2019

Comment: Ireland alone can't change Israeli policy, but it is determined to lead, writes James J. Zogby.

01 April, 2019

Comment: The practice of silencing debate on Israel and its influence in American politics has been cracked wide open, and it's about time, writes James J. Zogby.

20 February, 2019

Comment: Alexander's damning New York Times column highlights the erosion of American public support for Israel, writes James J. Zogby.

28 January, 2019

Comment: Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, two women who embody the endangered ideals of America and are now serving in the Congress, writes James J. Zogby.

08 January, 2019

Comment: Trump's 'ultimate deal' appears to be not a formula for a just peace, but a forced Palestinian acquiescence to the Zionist vision for Palestine, writes James J. Zogby.

26 December, 2018

Comment: Criminalising opposition to Israel is just the latest step in efforts to defame and exclude us from political participation, writes James J. Zogby

20 November, 2018