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Ilhem Rachidi

Ilhem Rachidi


Ilhem Rachidi is a freelance journalist focusing on protest movements and human rights issues, mainly in North Africa.

Morocco is reforming its family code, the Moudawana, after twenty years. Reform comes as calls for gender equality grow louder and Islamist influence wanes.

28 March, 2024

Residents of the oasis city of Figuig in Morocco have been protesting against the government's plan to allow a private company to manage its drinking water.

01 March, 2024

Algeria's political elite continues to violate the will of the people and the land. A controversial lead and zinc mining project has been opposed in Algeria's Kabylie region, with activists stirring up the spirits of the Hirak movement.

30 October, 2023

In-depth: Bendjama, who reported extensively on the Hirak protest movement of 2019, has faced constant intimidation by authorities. His most recent arrest is part of an escalating regime crackdown on dissenting voices.

06 April, 2023

Comment: The brief period of openness that followed the uprising in 2011 did not last long. Today, civil rights are curtailed, and demonstrators thrown into prison, writes Ilhem Rachidi.

27 June, 2018

Q&A: 'Terror sheikh' Abu Hafs tells The New Arab he is walking a new path of tolerance after jail release.

07 March, 2017

Despite an ongoing five year sit-in against water scarcity and pollution, allegedly caused by a nearby silver mine, inhabitants of Imider, Morocco are still struggling to get their message across.

22 November, 2016