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Taj Ali


Taj Ali is a freelance writer and political activist based in Luton. He recently graduated from the University of Warwick with a BA in History and Politics.

Opinion: Johnson and Patel muster faux outrage over racial abuse, but their policies and previous inaction tell a very different story, writes Taj Ali.

14 July, 2021

Opinion: Recent polling suggests that the Labour Party is losing the support of Muslim constituents that it has relied upon - and for good reason, writes Taj Ali.

02 July, 2021

Comment: The UK's Prevent agenda is nothing more than state-sanctioned Islamophobia. The appointment of an Islamophobe to review it only adds further insult to injury, writes Taj Ali.

04 February, 2021

Comment: If the EHRC can't root out racial discrimination under its own roof, asks Taj Ali, what hope is there it will do an effective job at tackling systemic racism?

17 November, 2020

Comment: By holding Muslims collectively responsible for the actions of a handful of extremists, France risks emboldening another group on the fringe: far-right racists, writes Taj Ali.

27 October, 2020