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Sofia Nitti

Sofia Nitti

Sofia Nitti is an Italian video journalist based in Erbil, Iraq

Follow her on Twitter: @SofiaNitti

In-depth: Activists who took part in the anti-government protest movement that erupted in October 2019 still live under the threat of kidnapping and assassination, with widespread pessimism about Iraq's elections.

07 October, 2021

In-depth: Iraq has one of the youngest populations in the world. But two years after the October Revolution, many young Iraqis feel they are powerless to change their country, whether through activism or elections.

06 October, 2021

In-depth: Six months after Pope Francis' visit, Iraqi Christians say nothing has changed. But despite emptying churches and sectarian violence, some remain hopeful for political progress.

14 September, 2021

In-depth: Angry at the lack of accountability over the targeted killing of activists, Iraq's protest movement is taking to the streets again, this time with calls to boycott the next elections.

31 May, 2021

In-depth: Three years after being liberated from IS, Raqqa is still in ruins. But despite funding shortages and security challenges, residents are doing their best to reconstruct a stable life.

13 April, 2021

In-depth: There are high hopes in both Iraqi Christian and Shia Muslim communities ahead of Pope Francis' historic meeting with Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani.

04 March, 2021

In-depth: Turkey has relaunched military operations in northern Iraq to target PKK fighters. Sofia Nitti reports from the autonomous Kurdistan region, where civilians are bearing the brunt of the conflict.

25 February, 2021

In-depth: With elections on the horizon, activists and mainstream parties have been discussing possible alliances. But many in Iraq's protest movement fear they will be silenced.

18 February, 2021

In-depth: Iran has promised to avenge Soleimani's killing, but the proliferation of more independent armed militias in Iraq could be an even greater threat to stability.

05 January, 2021

In-depth: There are hopes that Pope Francis' historic visit could be a turning point for Iraqi Christians, a community ravaged by war and sectarian persecution.

30 December, 2020