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Jonathan Fenton-Harvey


Jonathan Fenton-Harvey is a journalist and researcher who focuses on conflict, geopolitics and humanitarian issues in the Middle East and North Africa.

Analysis: Israel's retaliatory strike after a Houthi drone attack on Tel Aviv will cement the group's popularity and does little to prevent future attacks.

22 July, 2024

Analysis: No radical shift in Britain's relationship with the Middle East is expected under Labour's centrist government, but there could be important changes.

08 July, 2024

Analysis: A clear Labour majority in the UK election is unlikely to change Keir Starmer's pro-Israel posturing or strategic ambivalence towards Palestine.

14 June, 2024

Analysis: The ICC's request for arrest warrants has created a diplomatic dilemma for Western member states: do they support Israel or international law?

23 May, 2024

Analysis: The Russia-UAE alliance over Sudan not only shows the waning influence of the United States in Africa but also over its traditional Gulf partner.

14 May, 2024

Analysis: Facing financial obstacles and cutbacks, is the ambitious Saudi plan to redefine the nation, now past the halfway mark, still on track?

01 May, 2024

In-depth: The failure to address past violations in the 'war on terror' has enabled UK and US-backed torture practices to re-emerge, this time in Syria.

25 April, 2024

Analysis: British MPs and advocacy groups told The New Arab that the UK must suspend weapons to Israel if it is to abide by domestic and international law.

09 April, 2024

Analysis: Without a ceasefire in Gaza or support for Yemen's stability, the US administration's current policy in the Red Sea is unsustainable.

03 April, 2024

In-depth: Britain's secretive special forces have operated across 19 countries, including the Middle East, but there's been a lack of government accountability.

13 March, 2024