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Jonathan Fenton-Harvey


Jonathan Fenton-Harvey is a journalist and researcher who focuses on conflict, geopolitics and humanitarian issues in the Middle East and North Africa.

Analysis: India's cooperation with traditional US partners in the Middle East is increasing, with Washington hoping to leverage this against China. Yet as an emerging power, India still has its own independent regional interests.

25 May, 2023

Analysis: The Islamic State affiliate has taken advantage of local grievances and power vacuums to undermine the Taliban's rule, sparking concerns that regional interference may be necessary to quell the group's expansion.

03 May, 2023

In-depth: As deadly fighting rages on between rival generals, it is the civilian-led grassroots resistance committees that have stepped up to provide food, medical care, and protection to those in need.

26 April, 2023

Analysis: The recent restoration of ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran could help bring an end to fighting in Yemen, which has been a critical issue between the two regional powers, but may not address the underlying causes of the conflict.

24 March, 2023

Analysis: Sisi has relied on financial aid from Gulf states to stabilise his regime since 2013, but amid Egypt's economic crisis there is a growing reluctance to continue investing.

15 February, 2023

In-depth: Despite ongoing legal challenges over weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, the UK government hopes to maximise its relations with the Gulf to boost post-Brexit trade.

11 January, 2023

Analysis: Amid US disengagement from the Middle East, France is seeking to increase its clout in Iraq.

14 December, 2022

Analysis: Germany is spearheading efforts to seek alternatives to Russian energy, potentially signalling a new era of cooperation between Europe and Gulf states.

06 October, 2022

In-depth: Plagued by controversies as foreign minister, Boris Johnson's policies in the Middle East as PM led to a shoring up of Gulf ties, including arms sales, and a hardened pro-Israel stance.

19 July, 2022

Analysis: Maintaining good ties with Europe is important for Algeria to access new energy markets, but Russia is an invaluable security and strategic partner.

25 May, 2022