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Rabeea Saleem


In a world where we are expected to be constantly available and 'online', anxiety and emotional fatigue are commonplace. For South Asian women, who are culturally bound to gender roles and domestic duties, such forms of burnout can be debilitating.

28 March, 2023

Book Club: To celebrate International Women's Day 2023, The New Arab shares favourite page-turners from some of the best South Asian women writers on the circuit.

08 March, 2023

Marvel and Disney have been praised for the strong Middle East representation in Moon Knight, bucking the trend of past productions. But the ambitious series has also sought to tackle mental health, a theme that has a chequered history in comics.

18 May, 2022

The understated literary figure Attia Hosain has often gone unnoticed when recalling the great writers of the partition era. Yet, with the reissuing of two of her most seminal works by Virago Press, it's a timely reminder of her magisterial quality.

01 September, 2021

Book Club: Sascha Akhtar's novel is a collection of interconnected short stories about three different women set in Pakistan's cosmopolitan hub of Karachi.

08 April, 2021