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Lamis Andoni


Lamis Andoni is a Palestinian journalist, writer and academic who led the launch of The New Arab as editor-in-chief.

Opinion: The rift between US and Israel is real but doesn't spring from concern for Palestinians lives but rather for the collapse of American grand strategy.

29 December, 2023

The US is not just backing Israel in its genocidal attack on Gaza: it is actively participating in it, argues Lamis Andoni. Hamas' Al-Aqsa Flood assault didn't just damage Israel's status & reputation regionally - but also those of the US.

19 October, 2023

On the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Oslo Accords, Lamis Andoni argues that their abject failure to achieve peace was by design, and should be celebrated today as the Palestinian struggle enters a new phase.

13 September, 2023

The US Supreme Court's decision to end Affirmative Action is a victory for racism and inequality, undermining civil rights and empowering right-wing and racist forces both in the US and around the world, argues Lamis Andoni

05 July, 2023

As a revived US-Iran nuclear deal potentially draws near, Israel has tirelessly pressured the US not to concede to Iranian demands it sees as a threat. But where are the Arabs, asks Lamis Andoni, given the topic's relevance to them?

02 September, 2022

Comment: Fear has replaced hope as the counter-revolutionaries force their will on the people, but we must not give up hope, says Lamis Andoni.

06 May, 2015

Comment: Sectarianism has been used by Arab elites to mobilise hundreds of thousands of people to kill. It is time to stop this collusion, says Lamis Andoni.

04 May, 2015

Comment: We are once again caught in a trap of repression and fear as the gains of the Arab spring are slowly eroded by reinvigorated tyrants, says Lamis Andoni.

28 April, 2015

Yacoub Zayadin, the Jordanian Marxist, spent decades fighting for his beliefs. His death at 95 is heartbreaking - but his life remains an inspiration to others, says Lamis Andoni.

07 April, 2015

Comment: Israel has a secret nuclear arsenal, refuses inspections and lashes out at anyone who objects. It's time for that to change, says Lamis Andoni.

03 April, 2015