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Jonathan Cook


Cook is a British writer and a freelance journalist based in Nazareth

The killing of commanders from Lebanese Hizballah and an Iranian general in the Golan by Israel may shore up support for Netanyahu before the upcoming election or it may backfire, if the tension escalates into a major clash.

21 January, 2015

The Israeli prime minister was reportedly asked to avoid Sunday's march in Paris, out of a fear he would use the occasion to exploit divisions in French society.

12 January, 2015

The Palestinian application to the ICC has set in motion a series of events with potentially dramatic consequences for both Israel and the Palestinians.

07 January, 2015

Early move to election designed to strengthen right’s hand by accentuating internal threats and cast the vote as one for Israel's soul.

05 December, 2014

His chief rival, the centrist Yair Lapid, is at his lowest ebb, as the pair struggle over who Israel’s economy benefits

04 December, 2014