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Monique Bouffé


Monique Bouffé is a legal scholar and advocate with a focus on Public International Law, having worked with asylum seekers and refugees in Egypt. Her work now focuses on the impact of European immigration policy on the current refugee crisis.

Comment: The objectification of women pervades all aspects of Egyptian public and private life. Nothing less than a fundamental shift in attitudes is required, writes Monique Bouffé.

06 December, 2018

Comment: More than anyone else, women of colour need secure immigration policies. Hillary Clinton has failed them, writes Monique Bouffé.

27 November, 2018

Analysis: The election of Lebanon's UN ambassador to the International Court of Justice, while the UK's ambassador didn't pass, possibly represents a shift in geopolitics, writes Monique Bouffé.

14 November, 2017

Comment: Japan's decision to withdraw its peacekeeping forces from South Sudan came as no surprise, but as the conflict continues to escalate, civilians are left vulnerable, writes Monique Bouffé.

23 March, 2017

Comment: With a single stroke of his pen, Trump plans to close the US Refugee Resettlement Program, bringing anguish to a region he cannot hope to understand, writes Monique Bouffe.

27 January, 2017

Comment: Thousands of Eritrean refugees, from Calais to Cairo, have been put at risk because the UK government wants to avoid resettling asylum seekers, writes Monique Bouffe.

26 January, 2017