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Aijaz Nazir

Aijaz Nazir

Aijaz Nazir is a freelance journalist from India. He has been published in Tehelka, Firstpost, Huffington Post and the Asia Times Online.

Feature: Years of under-investment and violence has seen the pride of Kashmir battered, but still running.

06 March, 2019

Good news for tourists, but devastating for farmers and fruit growers, writes Aijaz Nazir.

09 November, 2018

In-depth: The polls for ULB and Panchayat is due to commence from October 8, but with a fragile security situation, locals think it will be impossible.

05 October, 2018

Mohammad Altaf Ahmad Mir has become famous after his song blew up on social media.

01 August, 2018

In pictures: Traditions run deep in Kashmir during Ramadan and at Eid, despite the deadly ongoing conflict. Words by Aijaz Nazir, photos by Sameer Mushtaq.

16 June, 2018

Indepth: Militant organisations are stopping at nothing to halt electoral participation in Kashmir, including threatening to pour acid in participants' eyes.

15 February, 2018

Indepth: Hundreds of women have had their hair cut off while sedated, triggering mysterious claims of both conspiracy and mass hysteria, writes Aijaz Nazir.

17 October, 2017

Indian lawmakers say they want to deport all unregistered migrants, but Rohingya refugees fear death if they are returned to Myanmar.

07 September, 2017