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Hadani Ditmars


Hadani Ditmars is the author of Dancing in the No Fly Zone: a Woman's Journey Through Iraq. A former editor at New Internationalist, she has been reporting from the Middle East for two decades.

The MENA film festival's 5th anniversary at the Vancouver International Film Festival platforms the unheard, transcends stereotypes, and shifts narratives.

05 February, 2024

This year's Palm Springs International Film Festival is dominated by a wealth of cinema from MENA, from familial trauma to vignettes of the human spirit.

13 January, 2024

Opinion: Hadani Ditmars reflects on how poetry and verse might help Canadians reconcile the national ideal of a multicultural haven with the reality of apartheid.

01 July, 2021

Love triumphs over tragedy in the Nasser brothers' touching satire on desire and despair in Gaza.

08 October, 2020

As Youssef tours the US with his new one man show, based on his life story, his journey into new genres reflects a personal and as well as societal shift.

12 March, 2020

The New Arab Meets: 64-year-old Amjad Assad, who has almost single handedly digitised thousands of cassettes and old 78's that span a century of musical history.

13 February, 2020

The Syrian conflict is dramatically displayed at the Linbury Theatre at the Royal Opera House in London.

18 October, 2019

The lullaby sung by young Mary to her son Jesus about the fate that awaits him brings to mind the mothers of Yemen, Syria and Palestine, who sing similar laments.

03 January, 2019

Blog: Bush Sr gave the green light to Saddam's invasion of Kuwait, then presided over a war crime on the infamous 'Highway of Death', notes Hadani Ditmars

05 December, 2018

Comment: There has been a dangerous cultural shift in attitudes towards the fourth estate, writes Hadani Ditmars.

01 November, 2018