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Chris Doyle


Chris Doyle is the director of CAABU (Council for Arab-British Understanding). He is a regular opinion writer and commentator on the Middle East and has organised and accompanied numerous British Parliamentary delegations to the region.

Book Club: Israel's theft of Palestine's water supply has suffocated Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza. A fiercely contested and vital resource, water supply is a major battleground that oscillates between technology and land rights.

10 May, 2023

Book Club: Former UN representative in Libya Ian Martin's latest book offers an honest assessment of NATO's US-backed intervention in Libya and, as the country continues to struggle for stability, whether things should have been done differently.

01 June, 2022

Book Club: In an engaging contribution to the literature on Jerusalem's famed Old City, Matthew Teller's latest offering presents Jerusalem as a once dynamic city that has since been fractured by efforts to homogenise it along ethno-religious lines.

16 March, 2022

Book Club: Di Giovanni's personal and multi-faceted portrait of Christians in the Middle East is a welcome departure from texts that seek to demonise other religions in the region, or use Christians as a politico-religious pawn in foreign policy.

15 December, 2021

Despite COVID-19's universally adverse impact, Arab refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) have, once again, bore the brunt of regional isolationism. In his piece, Chris Doyle elaborates on this apathy, and why it's a ticking time bomb.

18 June, 2021

Book Club: The memoir is of high value particularly for those who want to get a taste of how handling Brexit and Trump felt like from the inside.

11 May, 2021

Book Club: A compelling memoir by one of the first Arabs to go to Eton, Adel Dajani's account of life in Libya is bookended by tragic family experiences in Palestine.

28 April, 2021

Book Club: Joby Warrick's new book takes a detailed look at the use of chemical weapons in Syria and the extraordinary efforts to rid the country of these dangerous materials.

17 March, 2021

Comment: The international community failed Syria. Now they must make sure the next decade is not as bleak as the last, writes Chris Doyle.

11 March, 2021

Comment: Will the 71-year-old be given a first-class tour of the wonders of the Israeli occupation? It's unlikely, writes Chris Doyle.

02 January, 2020