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Fazzur Rahman Siddiqui

Rahman Siddiqui

Dr. Fazzur Rahman Siddiqui is a fellow at the Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA), a Delhi-based foreign policy think tank. He researches political Islam and Arab politics, and regularly writes on political issues in the Arab world.

Comment: Pakistan's new prime minister Imran Khan hopes to avoid taking sides in the divisive politics of the Gulf region, but that's no easy task, writes Fazzur Rahman.

10 August, 2018

Comment: India has traditionally been an ardent advocate of Palestinian rights. It must not allow closer ties with Israel to endanger this, writes Fazzur Rahman.

15 January, 2018

Comment: Bullying Qatar with the rhetoric of anti-terrorism is illogical; its isolation is actually down to refusing to align with Saudi foreign policy, writes Dr. Fazzur Rahman Siddiqui.

16 June, 2017