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Yomi Kleinmann


Joachim "Yomi" Kleinmann is a photographer and print journalist with a background working in hostile environments as an EMT.

Analysis: Ethnicity alone is no longer sufficient to unite Iraq's political elite as the country's politics begin to move past years of sectarian conflict, writes Yomi Kleinmann.

11 May, 2018

Iraqi forces attacked a Peshmerga checkpoint east of the Kurdish-held village of Mahmud on Tuesday morning, leaving at least 15 killed and more than 25 others injured.

24 October, 2017

Reporter's diary: Working in northern Iraq to report on the takeover of Kirkuk is a story worth telling in itself.

24 October, 2017

After capturing the city of Kirkul, Iraqi government fighters are driving deeper into Kurdish territory and look poised to make a grab for the KRG's capital, Erbil.

21 October, 2017

In-depth: An eyewitness account of the Kurdish collapse at Kirkuk, as the Iraqi government and Iran-backed militias reclaim the city for Baghdad. Words by Yomi Kleinmann, pictures by Adam McCaw.

18 October, 2017

Kirkuk is on tender-hooks, as a tense stand-off between Iraq's army and Kurdish Peshmerga threatens to bring war to the oil-rich city. Words by Yomi Kleinmann, pictures by Adam McCaw.

14 October, 2017

Blog: An eyewitness account from the frontlines as the Islamic State group's last stronghold in northern Iraq is liberated. Words by Yomi Kleinmann, pictures by Adam McCaw.

05 October, 2017